Now for iPad/iPhone – the Mediaeval St Andrews App

geddy-st-andrewsThe Mediaeval St Andrews App is now available for download in the iTunes App Store. It can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Click here to download.

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Mediaeval St Andrews App Launched

Tolbooth Digital Flythrough StillThe Mediaeval St Andrews App has been launched in time for St Andrew’s Day. Displays of Open Virtual Worlds Group work and the holdings of the University Library Special Collections were on display. The App is currently available on android and an IOS version will be available by Christmas. Download it from Google Play here.

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St Andrews in the early fifteenth century

London BL Harley 1808 f. 9v

British Library, Harley MS 1808, f. 9v

In the British Library in London is a manuscript that was made in the first quarter of the fifteenth century, Harley MS 1808. The manuscript is an English chronicle with content dating to 1399, ending with the coronation of Henry IV. It is preceded by a map of England and Scotland – Totius Britanniae Tabula Chorographica. Scotland appears in the lower half, and St Andrews to the left.

Detail of Harley 1808 showing St Andrews





Contemporary representations of medieval St Andrews are rare, although there are several medieval maps of Britain that show the importance of St Andrews.

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Mediaeval St Andrews App wins further funding

The Mediaeval St Andrews App project team, led by Computer Scientist Dr Alan Miller, has been awarded a University Teaching Development Award to help fund a key development phase.

Smart phones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous and have the functionality to add a new dimension to learning. They typically contain GPS, a high resolution screen and connect to the Internet. The Mediaeval St Andrews App will enable the synthesis of scene and discourse to provide a new tool for teaching and learning. It will enable learners to concurrently explore the physicality of St Andrews and access location specific research.

For each point of interest on the trail text, images, audio and video will combine with the physicality of the location to provide an engaging learning experience. There will also be links to online digital resources, which index relevant scholarly research.

This project will draw upon research being undertaken in the schools of History, Art History and Classics. It will also make accessible early work by the project team on images and video of reconstructions of St Andrews Cathedral (, St Andrews Castle and St Salvator’s Chapel. The National Library of Scotland has kindly granted permission to make use of the Geddy map of St Andrews, the earliest holistic depiction of town.

The App will be freely available to students and to the general public.

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